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The Night at Raider Ranch

  • An Original Audio Play by the Students and Production Team of AHHS Theatre

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    On a snowy, winter morning, nine students from Eagle High file onto their school bus to embark upon a weekend trip. Their destination is Raider Ranch, a small and desolate farm about three hours upstate. The students have volunteered as farmhands in exchange for service hours. For some, this trip is an amazing opportunity; for others, it’s an absolute bore. But when strange things begin to happen on this farm, far from home, the students must work together to keep each other sane and alive before anything worse happens...

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  • NRR

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  • Credits

    • Directed by Chris Guzmán
    • Produced & Edited by Rob Jacoby
    • Sound Design by Sabrina Doolittle
    • Social Media Photographs by Lori Schulze
    • Graphic Design by Caitlin Meleski

    Cast (in order of appearance)

    • Narrator - Tony Thompson
    • Mr. Reid - Rob Jacoby
    • Martin - Corey Grant
    • Amelia - Shaday Garvey
    • Antoinette - Jada Estrada
    • Gisella - Anna Vatai
    • Andre - Jayson Mejias
    • Ezekiel - Aurora Johnson
    • Sadie - Alex Schmitt
    • Joey - Bailey Proctor
    • Robin - Jackie Praino
    • Weather Person - Chris Guzmán
    • Paul - Keith Egan
    • Ms. Ellis - Lori Schulze
    • Police Officer - Sabrina Doolittle

    A Note from the Director

    Dear friends of AHHS Theatre,

    In order to overcome some of the unique obstacles this year presented, AHHS Theatre sought to produce a project which would allow our students to keep their artistic spirit alight while ensuring their health and safety in the midst of a pandemic.  The result was The Night at Raider Ranch--an original audio play written by, performed by, and produced by the students and production team of AHHS Theatre. This production allowed students to dive headfirst into the world of script-writing, voiceover acting, sound design, professional recording, and much more. Cast members were aided by a series of guest speakers who joined us throughout the writing process to share their professional experience and expertise. The creative process was incredible.

    I am unbelievably proud of the work of everyone involved. This has been such a difficult year and I am in awe of the level of dedication and commitment that this cast exhibited. Rehearsal after rehearsal, they pushed themselves to strive for greatness, even when it seemed most difficult to do so. 

    A very special thank you to Rob, Sabrina, and Lori. Thank you as well to our wonderful parents and to the principal, Board of Education, superintendent, and administration.

    Lastly, I give a heartfelt thanks to you for sharing in this experience. This program and these opportunities exist because of your support. I hope you enjoy our work and I hope you can share in how proud I am of every single individual who helped make this production the success that it is.

    Siempre pa’lante,

    Chris Guzmán


    A very special thank you for your continued support!

    • Elmsford Mayor Williams, Trustees, and Administrator
    • Bob, Debra, and Lauren Williams
    • J&L Reporting Service of Westchester
    • Burger King


    Alex Schmitt (Sadie) is in 8th grade and is very excited to be a part of the NRR cast! This is her second  production with AHHS Theatre. She’s loved being a part of this cast and working with everyone! She would like to thank her parents and friends for their love and support.

    Anna Vatai (Gisella) is in 11th grade and has been working with the AHHS Theatre since "Seussical the Musical" in 2017. She is absolutely thrilled to be working with this cast for another performance. Outside of AHHS Theatre, Anna enjoys playing guitar and spending time with her friends.

    Aurora Johnson (Ezekiel) is in 8th grade and is enthused to be a part of the NRR team. She loves  working with everyone at AHHS Theatre because of the great people she gets to work with. Aurora would like to thank her friends, family, and her director for all of the support she receives.

    Bailey Proctor (Joey) is extremely excited to be a part of Hamilton’s first ever audio play!! She is a senior and this is her 6th production with AHHS Theatre. Bailey loves being a part of the shows and is honored to have been a part of AHHS Theatre’s history. She would like to thank her friends and cast for making this show this experience so memorable and for making this theatre experience at Hamilton unforgettable! 

    Chris Guzmán (Director) is proud to be a part of the NRR team! This is his fourth production at the helm of AHHS Theatre. Chris is passionate about directing at AHHS Theatre because of the fantastic performers and production team he is able to work with. He would like to thank his parents, abuelita, family, and friends for their unending support! 

    Corey Grant (Martin) can't wait for you all to tune in to this project! He's in 11th grade and he has been participating in productions with AHHS Theatre since the 7th grade. Corey loves the community and the joy that AHHS Theatre provides. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support.

    Jackie Praino (Robin) is a senior who will be sad to leave AHHS Theatre behind. She has committed to Tulane University in New Orleans, and knows that leaving behind her lifelong friends at Hamilton will be bittersweet. She is very excited to have helped write and voice act in her first ever radio drama.

    Jada Estrada (Antoinette) is very thrilled to be a part of the NRR cast. She’s in 9th Grade and this is her fourth production with AHHS Theatre. Jada loves being a part of making the stories impactful in the shows at AHHS because of the creative peers and staff she gets to work with. She would like to thank her parents, friends, and teachers for all of their support and for their motivation to continue her acting journey at AHHS! She hopes you enjoy this play as “ it's something we’ve put our whole hearts into :) ”

    Jayson Mejias (Andre) is a senior taking part in his third year with AHHS Theatre. From a young age Jayson always knew he wanted to act-- whether on stage or on camera. He would like to give big thanks to his parents, grandma, and his little brothers David and Chris. 

    Keith Egan (Paul) Mr. Egan has been teaching English at Hamilton for 22 years now and has watched AHHS Theatre bloom into the true force of nature that it is today. Mr. Egan was so honored to be invited to join the NRR team! He would like to thank Chris Guzman and Rob Jacoby for walking him so gently and kindly through this process; their expertise fostered his confidence. Mr. Egan hopes that he will finally be "discovered."

    Rob Jacoby (Producer/Editor, Mr. Reid) is very proud to work with such an amazing group of students on another AHHS Theatre production. This is his 9th year producing shows with AHHS Theatre and is astonished how the actors stepped up for this new format for our production. He wants to thank his family, especially his wife, who is expecting their first child(!!!), the production team, as well as the BOE and administration for their support...but the most important thank you goes to our students for their dedication and professionalism that we try to promote at AHHS Theatre.

    Mrs. Schulze (Ms. Ellis) has been the AHHS Theatre Costume Designer for 7 years. She is honored to have been asked to step out from behind the scenes to act for her first time ever! She is proud of the students who developed, wrote and performed this inaugural audio play. Special thanks to Chris Guzman, for his wonderful direction; Mr. Jacoby and Ms. Doolittle, for bringing the play to life; Emma and Liz, for being my theater role models; and Eric, for 26 amazing years.

    Shaday Garvey (Amelia) is thrilled to be a part of The Night at Raider Ranch. Now in her senior year,  Shaday has been involved with AHHS Theatre since she was in seventh grade. Participating in the productions is her favorite thing about school!

    Sabrina Doolittle (Sound Designer) currently serves as the Technical Director at Alexander Hamilton and White Plains high schools. She teaches Physics, English and Science Research at AHHS. She enjoys volunteering for Scouts BSA, singing in her chorus and quartet, making campfires, and using chalk lines. She does not enjoy writing bios. Sabrina is grateful to be working with the talented and dedicated people involved in this production.

    Tony Thompson (Narrator) is an alumnus, as well as recent retiree of the Elmsford UFSD, is honored to join the amazing students of AHHS Theatre in this iconic production.


    The Night at Raider Ranch was originally written, performed, and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic by the students and production team of Alexander Hamilton High School in Elmsford, NY. This project was created entirely remotely.

    Thank you to the EUFSD Board of Education and administration.

    Please consider donating to our program, following us on social media, and signing up for our newsletter!

    Instagram: @AHHSTheatre

    Facebook: @HamiltonHSTheatre


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