• FALL 2019

    Alexander Hamilton High School Presents

    21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Rowing to America by Kitty Chen


    Waiting by Ethan Coen

    (Three short plays performed at each showing.)


    Students that wish to audition, please read this entire announcement.

    Auditions—Friday, 9/13 @ 3:00-6:00pm and Wednesday, 9/18 @ 3:00-6:00pm

    Callbacks—Friday, 9/20 @ 3:00-6:30pm


    Performance Dates: 11/14, 11/15, and 11/16

    Tech Schedule: To Be Determined


    Rehearsal Schedule- Most rehearsals will take place Wednesdays and Fridays 3:30-6:30pm. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal.

    If you would like to audition, please submit a form HERE.

    *We recommend filling out this form on a computer or tablet.*

    Audition Material Click Here

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email the director, Chris Guzman at ChrisGuzman.NY@gmail.com or the producer, Mr. Jacoby at rjacoby@eufsd.org. 




    21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda

    21 CHUMP STREET by Lin-Manuel Miranda (IN THE HEIGHTS, HAMILTON) is a new 14-minute musical based on a true story as reported in the series 'This American Life'. 21 CHUMP STREET is a cautionary tale of a high school honors student who falls for a cute transfer girl. He goes to great lengths to oblige her request for marijuana in the hopes of winning her affection - only to find out that his crush is actually an undercover cop planted in the school to find drug dealers.

    NARRATOR: Principal type, speaks with a knowledgeable tone. Not swayed by what’s going on, just relays the facts. Minimal singing and dancing.

    JUSTIN: Energetic, a go-getter. If he wants something he lets nothing stand in his way. Charismatic and likable. Strong singer, some dance/movement experience is a plus.

    NAOMI: Responsible, strong sense of duty. Undercover cop in her early twenties, posing as a high school student, assigned to discover who's buying and selling drugs at Justin's high school. Portrays very different personalities throughout the show. Strong singer, some dance/movement experience is a plus.

    ENSEMBLE: Strong singers and dancers who are in every song and scene to help support the story.


    Rowing to America by Kitty Chen

    ROWING TO AMERICA by Kitty Chen is a play about a young girl literally rowing across the ocean to America amidst memories of her sister. This beautiful short play transports audiences to a world which is not totally naturalistic. The journey of the young girl is as profound as it is unforgettable.

    GIRL: About 12, bright and inquiring, an enchanting, playful quality; she is special

    SISTER: About 17, serious countenance interrupted by an astonishingly beautiful smile; more mature and responsible than her years


    Waiting by Ethan Coen

    Written by Award-winning filmmaker Ethan Coen (No Country for Old Men), WAITING, is a short play about a person facing an uncertain future in an uncertain location that seems to be some kind of waiting room. The anxiety and despair hark back to dramas of the fifties. This comedy creates an abstract universe in which philosophical, existential and metaphysical questions bounce around.

    NELSON: the person who is in the waiting room and unsure as to why they're there.  Curious, genuine and straightforward.

    RECEPTIONIST: impatient receptionist who seems to have to deal with the same questions every day.

    SEBATACHECK: One of the three “managers,” formal, business person

    McMARTIN: One of the three “managers,” formal, business person

    POLHEMUS: One of the three “managers,” formal, business person

About the Drama Club

  • Regarded as one of the fastest-growing theatre programs in Westchester, Alexander Hamilton High School offers a large-scale musical every spring and a drama every fall. Along with the astounding acting, dancing, and singing of the cast, the crew is taught technical theatre as well. Along with these students are a team of theatre professionals guiding them along the way and a live professional band to accompany the production.