Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School: Students in Grades 7-12

  • Students attending Alexander Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School will interact with their teachers primarily through the Google Classroom platform. Teachers may adjust lessons to accommodate the virtual learning environment. Lessons may be designed for students to complete independently, or in small groups. Building on students’ digital skills, the virtual classroom platform allows for collaboration, communication, digital feedback, moderated discussions, and the use of interactive tools.  All online learning activities will be age appropriate and based on the district’s curriculum. Google Classroom provides a platform for teachers to post and grade assignments/materials, chat with students, and communicate with parents.

    Teachers may choose to utilize Google Meet or Zoom as virtual classrooms. Google Meet and Zoom are both compatible with EUFSD devices (Chromebooks). To request a device, please email the Director of Technology, Jeffrey Olender at jolender@eufsd.org

    Below are suggested guidelines for an effective and productive distance learning experience: 

    • Students should check their Google Classroom pages daily for teacher assignments and updates. Students need to be sure to check each of their teachers’ pages. 
    • Students are expected to complete each assignment as directed by the teacher.
    • Teachers may invite students to upload completed work to the appropriate platform. 
    • Students should check their EUFSD email daily. 
    • Teachers and administrators will continue to communicate with parents through email and/or Talking Points. 

    Google Classroom, as well as most EUFSD online resources, can be accessed through the Clever Portal. 

    More information: 

    Click here to learn more about Google Classroom. 

    Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre Google Classroom.