Recipes To Try With Children

  • Cooking with children is a fun, family activity that can become a teachable moment. Students can sharpen math skills by following recipes that require measurement, learn about healthy eating, engage with family members, explore new foods, or learn traditional family recipes. Here are a few websites to help you get started: 


    • Chopchop Family - Making veggie pizza is a piece of cake, especially with the whole family around to help. Chopchop Family provides easy recipes that are fun to try at home with the family.
    • Encantos - Join Issa in her adventures in the kitchen as she discovers the wonders of cooking and nutrition with her mom, chef Aliya LeeKong. Learn new recipes that are not only flavorful, but also good for your health.
    • Kids Cooking Activities - Helps children learn to cook simple recipes, including easy meals, cooking crafts, and more. They hold food science experiments to teach kids about science in the kitchen.
    • Kids’ Table - A virtual cooking party sounds like a lot of fun, most especially when you gather ‘round the Kids’ Table! Let your kids take over the kitchen as they learn life skills early on. The young chefs get to create delicious dishes with the help of our skilled instructors.