Math and Coding

  • The links below provide students with the opportunity to sharpen their math skills and develop their technical skills as well. Students can practice their basic math facts, develop computer coding skills, and play interactive games to keep them engaged along the way. For some sites, you may have to enable flash for the content to run properly. 


    • CK-12 - Learning is made easy with the wide variety of resources on math, science, and more, categorized by grade level on CK-12. Organize your lessons by customizing with Flexbooks. 
    • - No experience required! Introduce the fascinating world of coding to your child through Learn in the comfort of your home through at-home learning or the Hour of Code activities.
    • Dreme Family Math - Dreme Family Math offers an innovative, engaging approach to learning math with the family. Scholars and professionals have put together activities catering to different learning styles, such as incorporating math to daily household tasks.
    • Math Snacks - Hit two birds with one stone through a fun, exciting game on Math Snacks. Explore the coordinate grid while saving a carrot from hungry gophers! (Be sure to enable flash)
    • Mathigon - Browse through a multitude of math lessons made interactive and available by Mathigon. Personalize your courses and learn at your own pace, with the assistance of a virtual personal tutor. Learning Math has never been more engaging until Mathigon.