• Important School Details 2023

    Communication - At Dixson, we believe the education of our students is a collaborative experience.  As such, communication is critical. In an effort to communicate effectively, we utilize a number of tools including emails, Talking Points (Texts), Newsletters, conferences, Telephone, and written letters.  We also embrace good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings when they can be scheduled!


    Start time - The Dixson School doors will be open for drop-off at 8:40am. Students may be dropped off to the gym if they are eating breakfast at school. If not, students should be dropped off at 8:40 directly to their building. Please note that there is not any supervision before 8:40am. Parents will be called to pick up their student if he/she is dropped off before this time.


    First day drop off (September 5th) - On the first day of school, please plan to arrive early and leave yourself plenty of time to find parking. Weather permitting, we will have designated areas for students to line up by class outside.


    Tuesday - Friday Dismissal - School is dismissed at 3:20pm. If you are picking up your child, we encourage you to be early and waiting for your child outside of school.  We have designated areas, by grade. Please do NOT use the Dixson parking lot. Teachers will dismiss the children whose parents are there and then walk the rest of the class out to wait for their parents.


    Monday Dismissal - On Mondays, teachers are required to participate in professional development, faculty meetings and other collaborative events designed to provide time to plan for the best possible experiences for your children.  As such, dismissal is at 2:55 on Mondays. Consequently, all dismissal related times are also 25 minutes earlier.  This includes BOTH bus stop drop off and walker pick-ups.


    Parents on campus - Unfortunately, the Dixson parking lot is a small closed lot.  Therefore, for safety reasons, parking in the lot is for staff only.  Please do NOT drop off or pick up your child from the parking lot.  Thankfully, there is a good amount of street parking in the area.  


    Attendance - When your child is going to be absent from school, please call 914-592-1063 and inform the nurse/office.  Upon returning to school, please provide an absence note. You may place it in your child’s folder.  


    Special Circumstances - If you have a special circumstance that requires you to pick up or drop off your child outside the normal times, please be sure to notify the main office in advance.  Please remember that students will not be released to their parents/guardians during the transition periods listed below.

    • Transitions – General: As you can imagine, the safety of the children is of the highest priority at Dixson. In particular, the times of the day when classes are mobile are of particular note.  As a result, during these times we limit parent access to the students. Thank you for understanding.

    • Transitions - Drop Off to school: The earliest a child may be dropped off at school is 8:40am.  They will report directly to their classroom.  Specific faculty and staff will be on hand daily to assist with welcoming your child and ensuring they get to class.  Please do not drop your child off early and leave them unsupervised.

    • Transitions – Pick up: Any changes to your child’s pick-up should be pre-arranged. One of our key transition times is from 3pm until 3:20pm (2:35-2:55 on Mondays) as we move our students from their classes to their distribution points (bus lines, parent pick-up  etc.) During this transition we do not permit the release of students to parents/guardians.  Please make arrangements with the main office in advance so that your child can be picked up before or after this critical time period.

    In-School Health - From time to time, you may get a call from the main office or school nurse asking you to pick up your child for health reasons. While we understand this can be inconvenient, it is critical that you have the ability to have someone pick up your child when asked. Your list of approved people may be updated in the Dixson main office 914-592-2092.


    Assessments - The district will utilize i-Ready, Aimsweb, and IRLA/ENIL this year.  These tools will assist us in the task of tracking student progress and enable quick interventions when necessary. 


    Class Assignment - At Dixson we are fortunate to have great instructional teams that work together.  Most of what the teachers do is developed together ensuring a great experience for all students.


    Supply Lists - The Dixson supply lists are developed by grade.  The requested supplies are the same for all teachers on a Grade level.  “All Kindergarten supplies are the same.”  The same goes for Grade 1. A copy of the supply lists are also easily found on the Dixson Primary School website under the appropriate grade level.  Please remember to bring your supplies with you when you come to Meet the Teacher on August 31st or the first day of school on September 5th. 


    Chromebooks - Once again, Dixson students will be provided a Chromebook for use.  Please expect the device to be provided sometime after the school year begins.  Expect Grade 1 to receive them earlier than Kindergarten.


    Water bottles - It is extremely important that your child brings a water bottle to school DAILY. We do have multiple water bottling filling stations on-site to refill their bottles with clean, filtered water.


    Bussing - Bussing does start on the first day of school but only students who have completed their bus registration will be permitted to ride the bus.  Please reach out to Mrs. Swansen in the Transportation office if you are expecting bussing but have not yet set it up. During the first week, we ask that parents allow a buffer of time related to pick-up and drop-off times.  The initial stop times are estimated and require a bit of time to settle in to allow for changes in traffic patterns etc.

    • Note: All students taking the bus home MUST be met by a parent-approved person to assume responsibility for the child.  Your list of approved people may be updated in the Dixson main office 914-592-2092.


    Breakfast: Breakfast is available daily for purchase. If breakfast is being purchased, the earliest a child may be dropped off is at 8:20am. Any child brought to school at 8:20am must be dropped off in the gym. **An adult is assigned to supervise the children in the gym at that time. Please make sure that the adult is present before you leave your child.


    Lunch: Kindergarten and Grade 1 students will be having lunch and recess in school daily from 11:00 – 12:00. You may send in a lunch from home or purchase lunch through the school.  Students have hot and cold choices. A menu is sent home at the beginning of every month listing the daily choices. 


    School breakfast/lunch costs: Parents can either send in money for each day their child is buying breakfast and/or lunch or you may pre-pay for a certain number of meals.  Money will be deducted for every day that your child purchases school breakfast and/or lunch.  When the money starts to get low, a notice will be sent home to remind you to send more money in.  Cash or checks made payable to Elmsford U.F.S.D are acceptable.  Please send in all money in an envelope with your child’s name, their teacher and marked “Breakfast/Lunch money.” There is also an option of paying for breakfast and/or lunches online through MySchoolBucks. The cost for breakfast is $1.75 and lunch is $3.10. If you believe you may be eligible for free/reduced lunch.  Please complete and submit the application which can be located on our district website. Click here to direct you to the page.


    Recess - Outdoors weather permitting - Free play is critical in the growth and development of young children.  During recess, for as long as weather permits, the students will be outside into the playground for 30 minutes of recess. During this time, they are encouraged to run, jump, and slide with their friends. We ask that you make sure that your child attends school wearing footwear conducive to this level of activity. Sandals, flip-flops, etc are not ideal for school as they present trip-hazards during recess and while utilizing stairs.