• Elmsford Public Schools
    Pre-K English Language Arts Curriculum
    Unit 1: Classroom Discoveries
    What makes me a unique person in my community?
    Students understand that each unique individual is a member of a classroom and family community and have specific roles and responsibilities. Students listen to stories about what makes us unique and the different types of communities. Students create their own Who Am I? book where they share some of the things that make them unique.
    Unit Two Characters We Love!
    Who are the characters we love?
    Students understand that they can read about characters, relate to characters and learn from them. Students draw a picture of their favorite character. They dress up for a character “tea” and share the reasons why this is their favorite character with their classmates and guests.
    Unit Three: All Around Town
    How do you get there from here?
    Students understand that there are various forms of transportation to travel around their community. Students create and share a riddle about a form of transportation that their classmates will guess.
    Unit Four: Rhyme and Rhythm
    What makes words special?
    Students understand that letters have sounds and make words rhyme. Students listen to nursery rhymes, and poetry to learn about sounds, letters, and words. Students create a poem for Mother’s Day.
    Unit Five: Sharing Our Planet
    How do animals and plants grow and change? How do YOU change and grow?
    Students will understand that living things change and grow over time. Students listen to Jamie Lee Curtis books and other books about being a baby.
    They write and share something they did when they were little and something they do now.
    Unit Six: The Best Stories!
    Why do writers write?
    Students understand that authors write so we can make connections and share our opinions. Students listen to different stories and write about which story they like and why. They give medals to the books they like the best.