• Pre-K Mathematics Curriculum Modules
    Summarized from A Story Of Units
    Module 1: Numbers to 5
    Students will analyze, sort, classify and count up to 5 with meaning.
    Module 2: Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes
    Students practice their numbers-up-to-five fluency as they encounter and engage with circles, rectangles, squares, and triangles in their environment.
    Module 3: Counting to Answer Questions of How Many
    Students will extend their knowledge from the previous module answering “How Many” questions up to 10.
    Module 4: Comparison of Length, Weight, and Capacity
    Students continue to practice fluency within numbers to 10. They will develop vocabulary of comparison: small, big, short and tall for length; heavy and light for weight; empty and full for capacity.
    Module 5: Numerals to 5, Addition and Subtraction Stories, Counting to 20
    Counting to 20 will begin while addition and subtraction stories are solved in playful contexts.