• English Language Arts Curriculum
    Unit One: All About Me
    What makes me special?
    Students learn what makes them special by making connections to stories and books and the world around them. Students read stories about different characters and what makes them special. Students make connections to these stories and create an All About Me book that describes what makes them special.
    Unit Two Changes
    How does the world around us change?
    Students understand that there is an order to the way in which seasons change, setting and characters change, and stories are told. Students read books about characters who change and how the seasons change. They write and share their opinion on their favorite season.
    Unit Three: Family and Celebrations
    What makes a family?
    Students understand that there are different types of families and exhibit pride in their own unique families.
    Unit Four: Feelings
    How does it make you feel?
    Students understand how different books, characters and poems make them feel. They read stories, poems and books about feelings. They create their own poem and feelings book to express their own feelings.
    Unit Five: Farm Animals
    How do we find facts?
    Students understand that non-fiction books can provide information about a topic. Students read books about farm animals. They use information they learned to write their own “Guess Who’s in the Shed?” Students share their riddles so their classmates can guess the farm animal.
    Unit Six: Author Study
    What makes us want to read?
    Students understand that author's craft help us make connections to what we read. Students learn about an author and the characters the authors write about. Students share their opinions about different books that they read