• First Grade English Language Arts Curriculum
    Unit One: Communities
    How am I part of a community? Students understand that they can use stories and personal experiences to learn how to be a respectful and active member of a community. Students create a class book in which each student writes about a way he/she can be a respectful member of the classroom community.
    Unit Two Story Telling
    What makes a good story? Students understand that stories contain essential elements that make them enjoyable to read. Students read and
    examine characters and setting in the stories they read, and retell the stories. They students write their own stories.
    Unit Three: Character Traits
    How do characters make us feel? Students understand that characters have physical and personality traits that shape their thoughts and actions. Authors write about the same characters so we can make connections and learn from them. Students read books in a series and write an opinion on which is their favorite.
    Unit Four: Animals in the World Around Us
    How do we learn about the world around us? Students will understand that they can use informational text to learn about animals in the world around
    them. In this unit students research an animal in order to write an expository essay.
    Unit Five: Giving and Following Directions
    How do we follow and give directions? Students understand that How-To books describe a series of directions that we can follow. Students read different types of books that explain how to do something. They choose something that they like to do and complete the task at home or in school taking notes on the steps they followed. Students use their notes to create their own How-To book.
    Unit Six: Senses and Feelings
    How does poetry make us feel? Students will understand that poetry can help us to express our feelings and explore our senses.