• Second Grade English Language Arts Curriculum
    Unit One: Investigating Communities
    Is there a best place to live? Students understand that reading different kinds of literature and informational text can help them evaluate and make connections about urban, suburban, and rural communities. Students read about different types of communities and stories set in these communities. They write an opinion piece on the best place to live.
    Unit Two Explorations - Living and Non-Living
    What do living things need in order to change and grow? Students understand how to read non-fiction text in order to learn information about animals
    and how they change and grow. Students research and write about an animal of their choice. They use their research and report to create a display for a
    classroom gallery walk.
    Unit Three: Lessons We Learn
    Are all stories the same? Students will understand that although folk tales and fables have different characteristics they all have a lesson that we can learn from. Students read and respond to a variety of folktales and fables. They write an opinion piece on which lesson is most important.
    Unit Four: Featured Writers
    Can reading be enjoyable? Students understand that reading is meaningful when they read stories by the same author and make connections
    to their own lives and the world around them. Students read books written by the same author. They write an opinion piece on which author is their favorite and a letter to the author sharing why they like his books.
    Unit Five: Buzzing About Biographies
    How can we learn about others? Students understand how individuals have contributed to society. They read and write a biography on someone who has
    made a contribution to society.