• Third Grade ELA Curriculum
    Unit One: Reading Around the World
    How does where you live affect who you are as readers? Students understand that children around the world get their books in different ways and how that influences them as readers. Students will identify skills to become proficient, independent readers who have their own reading "superpowers. Students create an island and write an informative piece that answers questions about the island and explains how people would access their books in their new land.
    Unit Two World Outside My Door
    What are the different ways you can get information? Students understand that information can be gathered from different resources so they can learn about the Solar System. Students complete research on a planet of their choice and create a poster demonstrating knowledge of their particular planet. They create their poster using non-fiction text features. Students write an opinion piece about which planet they find most interesting.
    Unit Three Exploring My Home and Beyond
    How does where I live effect how I tell a story? Students work on their ability to consider point of view and multiple perspectives. Students develop their ability to determine and compare themes across folktales and read folktales aloud to build fluency. Students write a persuasive essay that explains the moral of a story they think is most important.
    Unit Four: Water, Water, Everywhere
    Why is water so important? Students deepen their understanding of their overall dependence on Earth’s limited water supply. Students complete labs related to water. They write a public service announcement that explains the importance of water.
    Unit Five: Author’s Craft
    How does the author's craft change, reflect, inspire or motivate a reader? Students understand that author’s use different techniques when writing. They read different poems to study author’s craft and then write their own.