• Fourth Grade ELA Curriculum
    Unit One: Building Great Readers
    What is the relationship between good reading and effective writing? Students understand that effective readers interact with texts to construct meaning and that writing needs to be structured to convey ideas and meaning effectively. Students understand that being a good reader makes you a better writer. In this unit they use different strategies when reading books. They apply what they learned from reading when writing their own narrative story.
    Unit Two Natural Encounters
    How do living things adapt to their environment? Students understand that living things adapt to their surroundings and that they are interdependent. Students understand that claims must be supported by evidence in order for change to take place in the world. In this unit they conduct research about an endangered animal. They write a persuasive essay so others take action to save the animal.
    Unit Three: Explaining the Unknown
    How do people make sense of the unknown? Students understand that mythology is a form of literature used to explain the unknown. Students read a variety of myths. They write an essay comparing how a myth and science explain the same event.
    Unit Four: Challenges
    What challenges do people face and how do they cause change? Students understand that change is inevitable. Students write a journal as a colonist who faced challenges.
    Unit Five: Inventive Minds
    How do people use creative thinking to change and improve the way we live? Students understand that people invent new technology and ideas to change and improve the way we live.