• Fifth Grade ELA Curriculum
    Unit One: America’s Past
    How do governments affect the lives of people? Students understand that government affects the lives of its people. They read a novel and short stories about life leading up to and during the American Revolution, and then current event articles about people today to learn about how the government affects people. They use this information to write an essay explaining how the government impacts the lives of people today.
    Unit Two: Wild Encounters
    What can we learn from human encounters with wild animals? Students understand the impact of animal-human interaction. Students read fiction and
    non-fiction stories that focus on human-animal interactions and demonstrate what we learn about both the characters and animals in the story using
    evidence from the text. Students read nonfiction articles that describe positive and negative encounters between humans and animals. They write a research report that is based on a wild animal or a claim about whether or not animals and humans should interact. Student write a narrative that includes human and animal main characters. They use examples of human animal interaction in their story and develop a relationship between the main characters.
    Unit Three: Human Rights
    What are human rights? Students understand that there are lessons that can be learned about human rights through literature and life. Students read
    different accounts of people’s experiences when their rights have been taken away. They write an analysis of these different human rights accounts.
    Unit Four: Nature’s Fury
    How are people and nature affected by natural disasters? Students understand that natural events are caused by a variety of factors
    and have significant effects on the lives of people through research and the examination of varied text. Students write an essay in which they take a stand either on the importance of preparing for natural disasters or of what role the U.S. should take when neighboring countries are struck by natural disasters. In preparation they create a Prezi about a natural disaster and write a story as a person who experienced one. Students use these experiences to create a newscast.
    Unit Five: Sports in America
    How do sports & athletes reflect and shape society? Students understand how individuals, teams, and organizations can impact society. Students write an
    essay on the importance of sports in America.