• ELA Grade 8 Curriculum (4 Units)

    Subdivisions: Assimilation or Acceptance?

    Are all people treated equally in our country? Students learn and discuss about the realities of living in a diverse country while living in homogeneous communities within our communities. 

     Freedom’s Road: The Search For Equality

    Students learn about and discuss the realities of the journey to freedom our ancestors faced in our country. Through authors Stephen Crane and Mildred Taylor

    Trouble No More – The American Dream

    Is the “American Dream” attainable for everyone? Students learn about the politics and prejudices people face when trying to make a better life for their families. 

    Little Pink Houses: The Perfect Community

    Is it possible to create a perfect community? Students will learn and discuss the pros and cons of creating an “ideal” world where everybody is considered equal.

    English 8 is focused on developing the reading, writing, and analytical skills required to meet the Common Core Standards adopted by New York State. We have aligned our curriculum with your child’s American History class and as a result focus our work on the following units of study: “The Search for Equality,” “The American Dream,” “Assimilation and Acceptance,” and “The Perfect Community.” Within these units, students will compose persuasive, narrative, and informational extended responses as well as literary responses and poetry. We will also be using I-Ready New York CCLS which will provide “check points” on your child’s reading level three times throughout the school year and end our year with a final MLA research paper assignment with a focus on the 1960’s.  The following are some of the essential questions we will ask this year:  Is it possible to create and maintain a “perfect” community?  Are all people treated equally in our country?  Is the “American Dream” attainable for everyone?