• English 11
    English 11 expands upon the Common Core skills necessary to prepare students for college and career readiness. During our course, students will  sample a wealth of literary and non-fiction writing based upon the four focus-units of study: “Defining the American Dream” “Justice in America,” “An American Journey,” and “The Pursuit of Happiness” found within the College Board text Springboard for grade 11 students. Within each unit, students will read a variety of poetry, short stories, historical accounts and news articles in conjunction with our literary anchor texts, including Arthur Miller’s drama The Crucible, Larry Watson’s novel Montana 1948, Khaled Housseni’s novel The Kite Runner and a student-choice memoir selection. In connection with  these readings, students will compose a variety of personal, analytical, and argumentative writing assignments designed to prepare them for the New York State Common Core Regents Exam in English. The course culminates in both the Common Core Regents examination and a final MLA research  paper assignment.