• College Algebra with Trigonometry
    Linear Equations and Inequalities
    1. Graphing lines
    2. Writing equations of lines
    3. Graphing Inequalities
    4. Review of absolute value, quadratic and rational inequalities
    4. Applications in one variable
    All word problem review
    Chapter Test
    1. Solving linear systems algebraically, including 3 variables
    2. Classifying systems as consistent (dep or ind) or inconsistent
    3. Solving systems graphically
    4. Applications in two or more variables – all word problems
    5. Linear programming
    Chapter Test
    1. Size
    2. Operations
    3. Application with multiplication
    4. Determinants
    5. Inverses
    5. Solving systems using matrices
    a. calculator and inverse
    b. Cramer’s Rule
    Chapter Test
    Functions – deeper understanding and more rigor than Alg 2
    1. Relations and Functions
    2. Determining a Function
    Coordinates, vertical line test, mapping equations
    3. Domain and Range
    3. One-to-one, Many-to-one, Onto
    4. Function Notation
    5. The Algebra of Functions
    6. Composition of Functions and Domain
    7. Graphing using transformations (library of functions)
    8. Inverse Functions and Domain
    9. Piecewise, writing absolute value as a piecewise
    Chapter Test
    1. Quick review
    2. Re-do with equations quadratic in form
    Chapter Test
    Rational Exponents
    1. Operations
    2. Evaluating
    2. Factoring
    3. Equations
    Chapter Test
    Exponentials and Logs
    Chapter Test
    Trig Review
    Chapter Test
    Final Examination for College Algebra with Trig