• Pre-Calculus
    Series and Sequences Review
    Chapter Test
    Higher Order Polynomials
    1. Classifying
    2. Leading term test and end behavior
    3. Intermediate Value thm
    4. Long division, synthetic division
    5. Factor thm and remainder thm
    6. Descartes rule of signs
    7. Rational roots thm
    8. Solving
    9. Graphing
    10. Writing equations given roots and multiplicity
    Chapter Test
    Analytic Geometry and Polar Coordinates
    1. rectangular coordinates into polar
    2. Polar coordinates into rectangular
    3. Writing complex into cis form
    4. Writing cis into complex
    5. Writing rectangular equations into polar
    6. Writing polar equations into rectangular
    7. Multiplying, dividing and power rules
    8. Finding nth roots
    9. Graphing polar coordinates
    10. Graphs
    Chapter Test
    Preview Calculus
    present two main ideas: tangent line and area under a curve
    1. Understanding and notation
    2. Tables
    3. Graphically
    4. Algebraically
    5. at infinity
    6. Approaching infinity
    7. Involving trig
    Chapter Test
    1. Definitions and math jargon
    2. at a point
    3. Discontinuities
    4. Making a piecewise continuous at a point/over entire number line
    5. Intermediate Value thm
    Chapter Test
    1. Definition of the Derivative, tangent line problem
    2. Finding derivatives using the limit process
    3. First rules
    Power rule, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule
    with equations of tangent/normal lines and horizontal tangent lines
    4. Abstract derivatives form graphs and tables
    5. Trig derivatives/equations of tangent lines
    7. ln u, eu, au, log au/equations of tangent lines
    Chapter Test