• Fourth Grade Mathematics Curriculum Modules
    Summarized from A Story Of Units
    Module 1: Place Value, Rounding, and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction
    Students extend their knowledge of whole numbers first by using familiar units of tens and hundreds and then to develop their understanding of thousands by using the pattern of “times ten” on the place value chart. These patterns will be used to compare, round, add and subtract. Multi-step word problems will be solved using tape diagrams.
    Module 2: Unit Conversions
    Students will relate place value to metric units. Metric measurement will be used in the context of addition and subtraction algorithms, mental math, place value and word problems. Customary measurements will be used to help build a context for fractions in a later unit.
    Module 3: Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division
    Students will use a variety of hands on modalities to learn the concrete foundation of the distributive property in multiplication. Students will also use place value disks to develop efficient procedures for multiplying and dividing one-digit whole numbers. Word problems will be solved throughout the module requiring students to select and accurately apply appropriate methods to estimate, mentally calculate, or use appropriate procedures to compute products and quotients.
    Module 4: Angle Measure and Plane Figures
    This module will focus on solving unknown angle problems using letters and equations as well as building, drawing, and analyzing two-dimensional shapes in geometry. Students will learn the definition of degree and learn how to measure angles using circular protractors.
    Module 5: Fraction Equivalence, Ordering and Operations
    The focus in this unit is on equivalent fractions and operations with fractions. Students will add and subtract fractions with like units using both the area model and number lines. They will also multiply a fraction by a whole number where students will see that it can be solved by repeated addition. Customary units will be used to provide a relevant context for the arithmetic.
    Module 6: Decimal Fractions
    Students learn that decimal place value units are simply special fractional units. They will use knowledge of equivalent fractions to recognize that 3 tenths is equal to 30 hundredths and will have their first experiences adding and subtracting with unlike units.
    Module 7: Exploring Multiplication
    Multi-step word problems with a focus on multiplication and measurement will be addressed in this unit. Students will explore conversion of units in hands-on activities and apply those conversions to solve problems involving all operations.