• Global 10

    Unit V
    Unit V continues the chronicle of the rising West. It first examines the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, and then the resulting political revolutions in France and the Americas. It then looks at the revolution in industry which came first to Europe, and then the nationalist and imperialist movements that grew out of it.

    Unit VI: Crisis and Achievement (1900 - 1945): The Age of Revolutions (1750 - 1914)
    Unit VI deals with the violent upheaval of World War I and World War II, the movement of nationalism eastward through Turkey, India and China, revolution in Russia, and the economic, social and political instability of the interwar years.

    Unit VII: The 20th Century Since 1945

    Unit VII opens with a study of the Cold War and runs through the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. It also examines the rise of communism in China as well as the Decolonization movements that follow World War II, and the tempestuous situation in the Middle East.

    Unit VIII: Global Connections and Interaction

    Unit VIII presents a study of various Global issues including Global Security, Environmental problems, Globalization, and various ethnic and religious tensions.