• American History 8
    In accordance with the New York State Common Core Social Studies framework, American History 8 begins the study of American History after the American Civil War. Key ideas are connected together in 5 modules, with an additional unit about the counterculture movements of the 1960s. The modules and important topics are listed below:

    • Module 1: The Struggle for Racial Equality – The failure of Reconstruction, Hope after World War I and The Harlem Renaissance, The Civil Rights Movement
    • Module 2: Progress and Its Price – Settlement of the West and Destruction of Plains Indians culture, The Industrial Age and Monoplies, The Plight of the Worker, The Muckrakers and Progressivism, Consumerism of the 1920s and 1950s, Living in a Digital World
    • Module 3: The Immigrant Experience – Old Immigrants of the 19th Century, The New Immigrants of the 20th Century, The Immigrant experience in the 21st Century
    • Module 4: American and Its Changing Role in the World – American Imperialism, The World Wars, the Cold War, Post-Cold War Challenges
    • Module 5: The Changing Role of Government in Our Lives – The Great Depression, The New Deal and the Great Society
      • 1960s: Years of Protest and Change