• The College Interview
    The interview personalizes the application process. However, while interviews may be required, recommended or optional in many schools, they may not be offered at others.
    May take place either on campus or locally with an alumnus of the college, allowsfor an exchange of information both ways, and expresses your seriousness of purpose.
    Take stock of your personal strength and become knowledgeable of the college. Prepare questions you would like to ask the college counselor.
    Guidelines for Interview
    Communicate personal qualities. Show confidence and poise, and explain your weakness in your application. Dress neatly, be prompt, be honest, remember the counselor’s name, relax and be yourself. Always remember to send a thank you letter to the counselor.
    Questions Interviewers Ask
    • Why are you considering this college?
    • What are your extracurricular activities outside of school and in the school?
    • How do you define success?
    • What can you contribute to this college?
    • What can you tell me about yourself?
    • What are your future plans?
    • What events were critical in your development?
    • What has been your most significant contribution to your school or community?
    • What do you expect to achieve in college?
    • Where else have you applied to college?
    Questions to Ask the Interviewer
    • What are the smallest and largest first year classes?
    • What is student housing like?
    • What are the food services options?
    • Are your facilities capable to the industries of the working world?
    • How much academic pressure is there your first year? Is there any support?
    • How diverse is the student body?
    • How is the social life on campus organized?
    • Do you have intramural teams for those who are not on a team?
    • What kind of personal qualities do students as a whole tend to have here?