• College Guidebooks
    Resources with Objective Data and Information:
    • Cass & Birnbaum’s Guide to American Colleges. Harper Collins
    • The College Handbook. College Board
    • Lovejoy’s College Guide. Macmillan
    • Peterson’s Guide to Four-Year Colleges. Peterson’s
    • America’s Black & Tribal Colleges. J. Wilson Bowman
    • Four-Year College Admissions Index of Major & Sports. Orchard House
    Resources with Subjective Evaluations and Descriptions:
    • The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges. St. Martin’s Griffin
    • The Multicultural Student’s Guide to Colleges. Robert Mitchell
    Resources with College Rankings and Ratings:
    • Barrons’ Top 50: An Inside Look at America’s Best Colleges. Fischgrund
    • The Fiske Guide to Colleges. Edward B. Fiske
    • The Gourman Report. Jack Gourman
    • The 100 Best Colleges for African-American Students. Wilson
    • Peterson’s Competitive Colleges. Peterson’s
    • Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges. Frederick Rug