• 3rd Grade Science


    Unit 1 Earth and Its Place in the Solar System

    In space the planets, the sun and other celestial bodies interact to form the solar system. Stars and other objects are found outside the solar system.

    • Lesson 1 What is the solar system?
    • Lesson 2 What causes Earth’s season?
    • Lesson 3 How do the moon and Earth interact?
    • Lesson 4 What is beyond the solar system?


    Unit 2 The Water Cycle

    Water is found almost everywhere on Earth. Factors such as temperature and the energy from the sun work together to fuel the water cycle.

    • Lesson 1 Where is water found on earth?
    • Lesson 2 What is the water cycle?

    Unit 3 Types of Animals

    Animals have specific structural characteristics that enable scientist to classify them into groups

    • Lesson 1 What is an animal?
    • Lesson 2 What are mammals and birds?
    • Lesson 3 What are amphibians, fish, and reptiles?


    Unit 4 Living Things Depend on One Another

    Organisms interact with and depend upon one another and their physical environment. These interactions include the flow of energy within the ecosystem.

    • Lesson 1 How do animals get food?
    • Lesson 2 What are food chains?
    • Lesson 3 What are food webs?