•  3rd Grade Social Studies


    Unit 1 Geography

    • maps, symbols, keys and legends.
    • compass rose, cardinal and intermediate directions.
    • to map scale and distance.
    • latitude and longitude.
    • Land forms

     Unit 2 The United States

    • The United States depends on itself and others to fulfill its needs and wants.
    • The United States has a democratic form of government.
    • The United States has many common and diverse cultural elements.
    • The United States is impacted by the five themes of geography.

     Unit 3 China

    • How have the geographical features and environment influenced the development of China?
    • How does the political system of China affect its people?
    • In what ways does China fulfill its wants and needs?
    • How has the dominant culture influenced everyday life in China?
    • In what ways is China similar to and different from other world communities?

    Unit 4 Brazil

    • How has geography affected the development of Brazil?
    • How does Brazil fulfill its needs and wants?
    • How has the political system of Brazil changed over time?
    • In what ways is Brazil’s culture similar to and different from other world communities