• You Can Make a Difference for Our Children

    Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

    The EUFSD parent/guardian community supports the advocacy efforts of the New York Suburban Consortium for Public Education to bring the voices of concerned parents to our elected officials and the New York State Department of Education.

    This year, we are focused on two critical issues that affect our students, teachers and school district.

    Repeal the Gap Elimination Adjustment ("GEA")

    In 2009, New York State used the GEA to divert money that was due to public schools, ostensibly to help avert a New York State overall budget shortfall.  However, that initial reduction in funding has continued since 2009, even though the state now boasts an overall budget surplus.  This withholding of New York State funding – which has cost the Elmsford Union Free School District over $1 million dollars – takes money away from our schools and shifts more of the financial burden to local taxpayers.

    Please feel free to send the sample letter below to Governor Cuomo and your State Legislators asking them to eliminate the GEA and restore full funding for public schools in New York.


    Over-reliance on Standardized Testing

    We support high academic standards. We believe that schools should regularly assess student learning and teacher performance.  But we also insist that the tools used to make those assessments be proven to be reliable, appropriate, and statistically valid at measuring what they purport to measure.  The current standardized tests and related teacher evaluation scheme in New York State remain unproven, and we ask that the Board of Regents rethink New York’s reliance on these high stakes tests.


    We encourage you to take a few minutes, review these letters, and voice your opinions.  Our elected officials have told us that they can most effectively advocate on our behalf if they hear directly from parents.  Thank you, in advance, for your efforts on behalf of all our children.