• First Grade Science

    Unit 1 Weather and the Seasons

    In this unit, students learn about various types of weather. They use the vocabulary learned to act as a meteorologist and write a weather forecast. Students also learn about the four seasons. They are introduced to the format used to write an informational paragraph and they use this format to write informational paragraphs about the seasons.

    Unit 2 The Five Senses

    In this unit, students learn about the five senses by using many different learning modalities. They learn about each sense in depth by conducting hands-on experiments and engaging in various writing activities.

    Unit 3 Animals

    In this unit, students classify animals into groups based on various physical characteristics. They are introduced to new vocabulary such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, warm-blooded and cold-blooded. They use text features to write about animal groups. Students also learn about specific animal life cycles.

    Unit 4 Plants

    In this unit, students learn about the physical make-up of plants. They learn how each part of the plant works together to keep the plant alive. They  engage in hands-on activities regarding the life cycle of the plant and use new vocabulary to create a diagram of a plant.