• First Grade Social Studies

    Unit 1 Classroom and School Community

    In this unit, students learn about what it means to be part of a classroom community. Rules and appropriate behaviors are discussed so that all students become respectful members of their classroom community. Various behaviors are demonstrated such as being responsible, respectful, kind and understanding of others. In addition, students identify the roles of various school community members and discuss how each member contributes to the functioning of the school.

    Unit 2 Family

    In this unit, students learn about the dynamics of a family. Student family members are identified. Roles and chores of each family member are discussed and written about. Students identify similarities and differences between families.

    Unit 3 Economics

    In this unit, students learn about economics by focusing on needs and wants. They classify, sort and write about needs and wants. They learn about responsible spending. For example, it is important to spend your money on what you need before spending it on what you want.