2-Hour Delay Information

  • In the event that the Elmsford Union Free School District needs to call for a 2-Hour Delayed Opening, the following times will apply.
    • Alexander Hamilton - 9:45 AM
    • Alice E. Grady - 10:30 AM
    • Carl L. Dixson - 10:45 AM

    Thank you.

Emergency School Delays and Closings

  • If the weather is inclement (snow or ice) with improving conditions, the opening of school will be delayed by one or two hours. Buses will follow this  schedule. If weather conditions are severe with no improvement in the forecast, schools will be closed for the day. The following radio/TV stations will announce school delays and closings, as well as a ConnectEd message sent to all registered telephone numbers:
    • WHUD /100.7
    • Cablevision Channel 12 News
    • WABC/Channel 7
    You can also check the EUFSD website for cancellations and school closings (the front page of our website)
    In addition, the Elmsford fire whistle will be sounded every 15 minutes beginning at 7 a.m., indicating that school will be closed for the day. In the event of a delayed opening, all before-school programs will be cancelled.

Scheduled Early Dismissal

  • (guide purposes only)
    In the event the district needs to schedule early dismissal, these are the likely dismissal times
    NOTE: Official times will be posted to the district website and announced via ConnectED, our emergency notification system. Below should be used as a guide.
    • Alexander Hamilton - 10:45 AM
    • Alice E. Grady - 11:15 AM
    • Carl L. Dixson - 11:35 AM
    In most cases, when an early dismissal is called for, after-school activities will be cancelled, however please await our ConnectED phone message or check the front page of our website to confirm.
    Thank you.

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