"Superintendent For A Day"

  • The Carl L. Dixson Primary School held a raffle and one of the many prizes was to be "Superintendent For A Day."
    Miss Zoe F. spent the day walking in the shoes of Dr. Ricca.
    Zoe visited classrooms in the elementary, middle, and high school. While working in her new job, she met teachers, staff members, and students along the way. Zoe even met with Ms. Baxter & Dr. Ricca to choose what students would be eating on the final day of school. Superintendent Zoe chose pizza! After a few days of rain, Superintendent Zoe was also able to declare the day an "outside recess" day.
    While at Hamilton, Superintendent Zoe checked the balcony and stage areas to make sure everything would be in order for her Board of Education meeting (later that night). She also met with various people throughout the building-- such as the Hamilton student body president, Principal, Dr. Baiocco, President of the teachers union, Mr Budzynski, and Assistant Superintendent, Ms. Baxter.
    During her visit to Grady, Superintendent Zoe, made sure the playground equipment was in working order and she checked-in on her teacher for next school year-- Ms. Sanchez!
    The day was capped off by joining Dr. Ricca at the head table for the Board of Education meeting!
    In all, Superintendent Zoe did a wonderful job as "Superintendent For A Day."  Great job Zoe!
    Miss Zoe
    Dixson Primary student, Miss Zoe F.. --"Superintendent For A Day!"
    Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

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