The need for special education for students ages 5-21 is determined in the following manner:

    • A student thought to be educational disabled is referred to a multidisciplinary team called the Committee on Special Education (CSE).
    • The CSE evaluates the student’s abilities and based on state and federal laws and regulations, determines if the student is eligible to receive special education services.
    • If the student is eligible to receive special education services, the CSE recommends an appropriate Individualized Education Program (IEP) based on evaluation results and the student’s individual needs.
    • The program is implemented upon Board of Education approval.
    • The IEP is modified or adjusted by the CSE once a year at an annual review meeting.

    The student has a re-evaluation every three years to assure that he/she continues to require special education programs and services and that the IEP continues to be the appropriate educational plan.

    This process occurs sequentially with each step building upon the previous one.  In this way, comprehensive information regarding the student tis obtained and considered.  Timelines are in place so that delays are avoided.  Parents are an integral part of this process and parental involvement is encouraged.