• What is the Committee on Special Education (CSE)?

    A multidisciplinary team which reviews evaluations, determines eligibility, recommends programs and services, and develops appropriate IEPs for students with disabilities.

    • Each member brings information and a unique perspective to the discussion of the student's strengths and needs.
    • The CSE is comprised of a chairperson, school psychologist, general education teacher, special education teacher, parents of the student, additional parent member, individuals with knowledge or special expertise about the student, school physician ( if requested) and a student (beginning at age 14).

    What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

    • The IEP is the cornerstone of the special education process for each individual student with a disability.
    • It is the tool to document how a student's special needs will be met within the context of an educational environment.
    • The IEP is a legal document that ensures a student with a disability has access to the general education curriculum, and is provided with opportunities, accommodations, adaptations, specialized services the appropriate learning supports need for the student to progress towards achieving learning standards, and to meet his or her unique needs related to the disability.
    • The IEP must be implemented as recommended by the CSE.
    • Each regular education teacher, special education teacher, related service provider, and other service provider who is responsible for the implementation of a student's IEP shall have access to a copy of the IEP and be informed of his or her specific responsibilities related to implementing the IEP, and the specific accommodations, modifications and supports that must be provided for the student in accordance with the IEP. (Part 300 Section 300.342 of the Federal Regulations and Part 200.4(e)(3) of the New York State Regulations of the Commissioner of Education).

    What is an Annual Review?

    At least once a year, you and other members of the CSE will review your child’s IEP.  Together, you will make decisions about any necessary changes to your child’s program. This is called an annual review.

    At least once every three years, we will reevaluate your child. This is called a reevaluation (formerly called the triennial evaluation).