• 2022-2023

    Superintendent of Schools

    Board Developed Goals

    Safe & Secure Environments

    Reviewing the state of existing systems in place to make our students, staff, parents and our greater community feel that our schools safe spaces for students to grow and learn with specific focus on the following areas:  

    • Academically

    • Physically

    • Socially

    • As independent, thoughtful, problem solver

    Our long-term strategic planning lists safety and security among its priorities. As such, we will look for existing systems for students, staff, parents & community to feel safe and create alignment between feelings of safety among stakeholders and the structures that create them. 

    We will review and enlist support for/from the following:

    • Existing human capital

    • Intra-district systems

    • Consulting educational groups

    • External partners

    Systems & Structures For Success

    Systems & Structures for Success - Efficiency of communication and sustainable structures that offer two-way communication for system-wide needs to be addressed on behalf of students & staff will be identified, built and implemented. 

    While reviewing our multi-year strategic plan and school-based goals, we want to identify what alignment currently exists among our systems and structures that provide efficient reporting, communication and success points. Specifically in the following areas: 

    • Communications 

    • Celebrating students

    • Ease of access to information

    • Academic inventory

    These were articulated by stakeholders during prior year’s planning and revisions to the 2021-2024 strategic plan.


    Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.)

    Family And Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) - opportunities for students, parents and families to inform our approach to student development and success.

    The district seeks to engage parents and community by the following strategies:

    • Promote the importance of learning by ensuring students are in school and on-time.

    • Maintain and upgrade our facilities with consideration for how to address aging infrastructure.

    • Develop opportunities for engagement among students, staff, alumni, local businesses, PTSA and colleges.

    This goal was selected as both a need to consistently improve our communication efforts, and family engagement, as well as, to ensure a fun and welcoming environment as we launched a full reopening of schools in September 2022.


    Equity & Social-Emotional Learning (S.E.L.)

    Embedding equitable practices, language and affirming approaches for what we teach, how we teach it and how we monitor effectiveness. 

    In direct alignment with our 2021-2024 strategic plan we will identify areas of the curriculum, support services and PD for staff that are attentive to themes and approaches which address diversity and equity.

    Educational equity means each student has what they need to:

    • define & experience their own success,

    • experience joy in learning every day, and

    • see themselves reflected in the content of their learning as well as the educators who serve them.

    It provides a climate in school that attends to race, ethnicity, language, culture, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, religion, dis/ability, and socioeconomic status (McCabe Zwerger, 2017)."


    Approved by the EUFSD Board of Education: November 2, 2022