• Dixson Recess Guidelines:

    There is an abundance of research that points to the importance of recess in schools.  See below for reference to 1 such site.  Consequently, at Dixson we will attempt to get the students outside for recess if possible.

    Whenever applicable, please be sure to send your child to school dressed for outdoor recess.  This includes proper footwear, jackets, gloves, scarves, etc.

     Dixson Guidelines:

    Students will go outside if it is above 32 degrees and weather conditions do not otherwise warrant indoor recess.

    Students will remain indoors if:

    • There is too much ice on the playground
    • The wind chill brings the temperature below 32 degrees
    • It is above 32 and the wind gusts appear dangerous
    • The playground is flooded/extremely muddied

    At times, there may need to be exceptions. The decision to remain in or go out is determined by a building administrator. In this person's absence, it will be made by the school nurse, followed by the office staff. This decision is always made in the best interests of the children. We will always try to get the students outside if possible.

     From the Penn State University ProWellness website:

    1. Academic Benefits: Taking a break from the classroom allows younger children to pause incoming information, making it easier to process. It also allows children to burn off excess energy, increasing their ability to focus on the day’s lessons.
    2. Better Social Skills: During recess, children are allowed to socialize freely, which is the main way for young children to develop their future social skills. When they get home from school, today’s children do not engage in neighborhood play as much as previous generations because of their computers, smartphones and televisions.  Recess at school allows them to play without the temptations to use these electronic devices.
    3. Improved Wellness: Outdoor recess is the best place for children to play, which helps them burn calories and stretch their muscles. Research has even shown that a child who is engaged in physical activity has a better chance to be physically active at home. Being outside also triggers the synthesis of Vitamin D and allows them to release stress that builds during classroom instruction time.
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