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    Student transportation is intended to fulfill specific objectives including the following:

    1. Provide safe, efficient and economical transportation.
    2. Accommodate the requirements of the instructional program.
    3. Maintain conditions on buses that are consistent with the best interests of the students.
    4. Promote a public understanding of the transportation program including safety, adequacy, efficiency, and standards of service.

    The following distance limitations shall apply:

    1. All students in grades K-12 public, private, and parochial schools who live more than 0.5 miles from their respective schools shall be transported.
    2. Transportation shall be provided for all disabled students as mandated by New York State law.
    3. Transportation shall not be provided for students attending any private/parochial school located more than 15 miles from a student's residence except in the case of disabled students.

    Private/Parochial School Transportation Requests:
    Parents in the Elmsford School District requiring transportation for their children to private or parochial schools may submit an application for transportation no later than April 1st preceding the next school year. Detailed information and application forms are available in the Business Office at (914) 592-2276. The Business Office is located on the first floor at Alexander Hamilton High School.

2024 - 2025 Private & Parochial Transportation Application

  • Linda Carlin
    Ms. Linda Carlin
    Assistant Superintendent
    for Finance & Operations


    Ms. MaryBeth Swansen
    Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
    Transportation Coordinator


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