Alice E. Grady Elementary School
     Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow
    Alice E. Grady
    Serving Grades 2 through 6
    School Begins at 8:30 AM
    For 2-Hour Delayed openings, school begins at 10:30 AM  
    The Community
    The Elmsford School District is a thriving community, rich in history and cultural diversity. Located 15 miles north of New York City in Westchester County, Elmsford blends urban conveniences with rural beauty in an area that is marked by the stability of its residents. The Elmsford School District's pursuit of educational excellence in a caring environment is a goal shared by residents, teachers and school administrators alike. In Elmsford, there is a strong commitment to education. The Elmsford Board of Education works in conjunction with administration and staff to support these educational opportunities for our students. The PTSA, an integral part of the school community, is active and involved, and strives to provide enriched learning environments to our students. One of the community's and school district's greatest strengths is the diversity of the population; it is a veritable microcosm of the ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and religious diversity of the United States. This offers the district's students, the chance to learn and develop within a population that is representative of the nation.
    Alice E. Grady Elementary School
    Alice E. Grady Elementary School serves the district's 2nd- through 6th-grade students. At the Grady School, students will find ample opportunities to support their academic progress with instruction that include:

    • What I Need (WIN) Program
    • Enrichment opportunities

    Core Values For Our Students

    Our core values include:

    • Students will show respect for themselves and others, as well as for school rules and regulations, resulting in young people who conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times;
    • Students will develop cooperative skills which enable them to work in group settings and listen to the ideas and viewpoints of others;
    • Students will identify, pursue complete self-chosen goals, make choices and decisions enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning, thereby becoming critical thinkers and independent learners;
    • Students will reach their individual potential in reading, writing, listening, speaking, the arts and sciences and all other academic areas.