• Key Club

    The Alexander Hamilton High School Key Club is open to ALL students in Grades 7 -12. . Objectives are service-based:

    • To develop initiative and leadership.
    • To develop character.
    • To provide experience in collaborative teamwork.
    • To develop community service projects.
    • To prepare for useful citizenship.

    This is a student-led organization with the goal is to encourage leadership through serving others.

    The types of events and actives which we have participated in the past are:
    • Midnight Run - ( feeding the homeless people in NYC)
    • Making and Distributing Personal Hygiene Care Packages
    • The White Socks Project
    • March of Dime Walk
    • Snow Angels ( shoveling snow for the elderly)
    See Ms. Joseph for more information in Room 210.
    Advisor: Ms. Joseph
    Where: Room 210