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    Welcome to General Music! I'm so excited to be working with our students back in the music classroom. We start the school year in music building our classroom community, getting to know one another and participating in some fun introductory musical activities that set up our yearlong journey in music ahead. As we learn in music class we are also strengthening musical skills and connecting the music learned to our lives outside of the classroom! The primary goal of the vocal music program is to instill a life long appreciation and love of music. We start with the belief that everyone has the potential to develop musical abilities and it is our job to nurture and develop this musicality in every child.

    The Elmsford elementary music program is holistic in nature and strives to produce young musicians who are creative and innovative. The program is also experiential because we believe that children learn by doing. The students in our program sing, dance and play pitched and non-pitched instruments. The musical teachings are developmental and students receive general music instruction from kindergarten to the sixth grade. Students are exposed to and experience varied types of music from many different genres and cultures. It is a central pursuit to support a classroom community that allows  all of our students to participate authentically and feel joy in the process of making music together. When they leave us it is our hope that music will continue to be a large part of their artistic life.

    Mr. Funke

    General Music grades K-5

Dixson Music Program