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STAR Update

  • Q.  Do we have to reapply every year if we opt to get the check back from the state? 
    A.  No.  You are required to register only once for the STAR Credit.  The Tax Department will automatically review your registration information each year to determine your eligibility.  If in one year you are deemed not eligible for either primary residency, ownership, income or in the case of the Enhanced benefit, age; you will be notified with the opportunity to protest.  If deemed eligible, you will automatically receive the STAR Credit check.
    Q. Also do you know when would the state send the checks back? 
    A.  STAR Credit checks are issued to eligible homeowners annually during the school tax billing season.  Use the STAR credit check delivery schedule to see when checks will be issued in your area.
    Q.  If one opts in -  can you opt out in the future?
    A.  A taxpayer may request to not receive the STAR Credit check by contacting the Tax Department directly at 518-457-2036.
    Q.  Is there a deadline? 
    A.  There are two deadlines to be aware of:
    • The first is the processing deadline for each year’s tax season which is July 1.  For example, if you want the STAR Credit check for the 2019 school tax bill, you would’ve had to register by July 1, 2019.  While STAR registrations are processed on a daily basis and it’s possible a registration submitted after July 1 might receive a 2019 check, there is no guarantee it would be received in time before the school tax bill due date.
    • The second deadline is for requesting previous years’ STAR Credits that a taxpayer may be eligible for. Taxpayers can register to claim the STAR Credit for up to three years from the income tax filing deadline for the year that the credit covers.  For example, to claim the STAR credit for 2019, you must register by April 15, 2023.
    Q.  Is there a reasoning behind what the state is or wants to do?
    A.  The NYS Legislature and Governor enacted the STAR Credit program and are phasing-out the STAR exemption program for several reasons, such as:
    • a central registry helps prevent STAR fraud which saves money in the State budget;
    • school districts receive their full portion of the taxpayer budget levy sooner; and
    • as part of the State’s fiscal discipline plan it helps achieve consistency with how other state tax cuts are provided.
    For further assistance regarding STAR, contact the Tax Department directly at the following number:
    Staff are available weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
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