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    Caring Schools
    Through a unique partnership with Making Caring Common, Caring Schools build caring, inclusive school communities where students feel safe, supported, and connected. In these school communities, students can grow academically, build healthy relationships, develop key social and emotional skills, be engaged with their communities, and feel responsible to others.

    Caring Schools use data to better understand how students, staff, and parents experience their school community; have access to a library of low-burden research-based strategies that promote children’s social and emotional learning, increase caring and connectedness and reduce problem behaviors; and benefit from the knowledge and insight of leaders in the field.

    What is a Caring School?

    Caring Schools are middle and high schools that are committed to working to build caring, safe, inclusive learning communities and to promote key social, emotional and ethical capacities in children. Caring Schools use data and research-based strategies to promote safety, caring, and respect; to develop children’s capacity for empathy, self-awareness and responsibility for their communities; and to develop effective responses bullying and other problem behaviors that are known to interfere with teaching and learning.