• Welcome to the AHHS Hispanic Heritage Month Homepage! Here you'll find some of the amazing work our students are doing in celebration of this event!



  • Want to read a book in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month?!? CLICK HERE for a great list that our English Department uses!


Our Elmsford Families

  • For Hispanic Heritage Month, the students completed "I Am From" poems describing their lives and the family that impacted them. CLICK HERE to watch them read their poems.


  • Here are a few resources that our Mathematics Department is using to incorporate Hispanic Heritage Month into our school!

    Lathisms: This site highlights a new Hispanic or Latinx mathematician during each day of this month, so check back often for new content.


    Dreambox Learning: This site has great in-depth articles on some of the most important Hispanic or Latinx mathematicians in history.

Chorus Performance

Music to Enjoy!

  • CLICK HERE for a playlist of Hispanic music that is being compiled by our students. Students will be updating this continuously, so please check back often!