Alexander Hamilton Junior/Senior High School offers a variety of programs for students with disabilities. These departmentalized programs follow the same Regents Curriculum that is available to all students. Students participate in these programs as recommended on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Please contact the department chairperson if you have any questions:

    Chairperson: Sarah Dwyer

    The Special Education Program/Services at Alexander Hamilton Junior/Senior High School include:

      • Resource Room Services consist of identification and diagnostic assessment, and direct individualized, small group instruction in strategic behaviors that students need to master concepts and information. These include time management skills, organization skills, priority goal setting, appropriate study skills, academic reinforcement, and communication skills. Transfer of the skills or strategies acquired to the academic demands of general education setting is provided. Students are prepared to become self-advocates in expressing academic needs and are aided in identifying and utilizing services to support academic needs. Ongoing consultation with general education teachers is an integral part of these services.
      • The instructional group in each resource room period does not exceed five students. Each resource room period is instructed by a special education teacher. Students shall spend a minimum of three hours per week receiving resource room services and shall not spend more than 50 percent of their time during the day in the resource room program.

      • This model pairs a special education teacher and a content area teacher to team-teach Regents curriculum to students with disabilities in the content areas of Math, English, Global Studies, U.S. History, Earth Science, and Living Environment. A Learning Lab supplements English and Mathematics in grades seven and eight that meets on alternating day. In addition, students participate in the Earth Science and Living Environment Labs as a part of the overall curriculum requirements.

      • Students are grouped according to need. There are no more than twelve students per class roster. Each full time class is staffed by a certified special education teacher. Teacher Assistants are available, as needed.
      • *It should be noted that some students receive a combination of services (e.g., inclusion and self-contained) based on their needs and learning difficulties.
      • All secondary level students participate in general education classes, to the maximum extent appropriate, in the academic areas and have the opportunity to participate in courses in foreign language, physical education, fine arts, music, and practical arts departments.
      • Each student has a special education teacher assigned as his or her contact teacher. This teacher is personally responsible for the student’s integration into the school. This teacher, through ongoing communication with the mainstream teachers, the student's parents, and the other special education department members, provides a source of support for the student. This teacher attends all meetings of their assigned student as well as all CSE meetings.