Below are the typical Physical Education and Health Education course selections at each grade level. Check course descriptions for course details and prerequisites. Please contact the Athletic Director if you have any questions.

    Athletic Director: Robert Pollok

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION /PERSONAL FITNESS – 1 year, ½ credit (odd or even days)
    This is a full year course open to all 9th grade students. Students will perform all elements of the fitness program, four times per year. This class will allow student students to demonstrate knowledge of basic health and fitness principles as they relate to the individual. Students will demonstrate sportsmanship throughout the unit that will help to create a positive atmosphere so that all can participate comfortably. This course is designed to help develop social skills necessary to work effectively in a group setting.

    HEALTH - ½ credit
    This is a half-year course required by New York State for high school graduation. The course contains a study of wellness and lifestyle choices as they relate to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, mental health, chronic illness, death and dying, stress management, heart disease, cancer, non-contagious diseases, human sexuality and family life, and contagious diseases. Rounding out the course is a current topics unit with special emphasis on understanding news reports dealing with health