Dismissal for Cars

DISMISSAL PROCEDURES FOR CAR:  (Student Pick Up - Side of School)


Our dismissal time for pick-up will begin at 2:50pm. Cars will be directed to the side of the school where they will wait in a car line beginning at 2:50pm. Please display your Dismissal Card (colored-cardstock, information below) where staff can see it clearly. When it is your turn, we will read your card and  call for your child(ren) in the cafeteria. A staff member will bring your child(ren) to your car.  This process will be time consuming and we ask for your patience. 

Car pickup will begin at 2:50 pm. Cars will be able to line up on campus for pickup beginning at 2:20 pm. 


If you plan on walking to pick up your child(ren), you may pick up your child at the back staircase by the gymnasium.  This is a change from the usual cafeteria door pick up.  


Please be sure to call the office in advance if there will be a change in how you pick up your child.  


We will be giving all children a colored piece of cardstock for you to use as a Dismissal Card during student pickup.  


We ask all families to write in big letters, using a thick marker, the first and last name of your child and their grade underneath the last name. We do recognize that you may also be picking up students from other families and you’ll need to confirm this with the office prior to dismissal. We must ensure that all pickups are in order and if there is any question by my staff, we will not release any child until everything is confirmed and in writing. 


For ALL Pick-ups we ask that you create your own sign (any color) with the above information.


Example of Dismissal Card: 




Grade 2