Dixson School students vote for Wacky Game Day

Posted by Alicia Smith on 11/14/2018 12:00:00 PM

Voting at Dixson And the winner is . . .

Students head to the polls

Students at Carl L. Dixson School are not old enough to officially vote yet, but they had an opportunity to witness democracy in action just days after their parents went to the polls.

For the students, and their parents, Nov. 8 was Election Day. A big choice was on the line, too.

Students were voting on which activity they wanted to enjoy during Wacky Game Day, which will be held on Jan. 11.

The options were “Hoop Hop Showdown,” a fun game played with Hula Hoops and involves hopping, or “Move it, Move it,” another active game.

Before the school day began on the Dixson Election Day, parents and students filled out a ballot and cast their vote. Principal Jeffrey Olender served as a poll monitor and ensured all went smoothly.

Parents were allowed to participate in the selection as they will be invited to come to Wacky Game Day too and enjoy the fun.

“It’s official. You have voted,” Mr. Olender told one student as he dropped his ballot in the box.

The event helps introduce Dixson students to staff at Alice E. Grady Elementary School who help organize the day. That way when they transition to their new school they will recognize some familiar faces.

And the winner is . . . “Move it, Move it,” with 87 votes, compared to 32 votes for Hoop Hop Showdown.Students vote