Dixson students work together

Posted by Alicia Smith on 12/21/2018 9:00:00 AM

Do you want to build a snowman? Yes!

You don’t have to ask students at the Carl L. Dixson Primary school twice if they want to build a snowman, because the answer will always be yes.

On Friday, Dec. 7, they had an opportunity to do just that.

Filing into the gym, which had been equipped with tables, kindergarten and first-grade students were paired together and instructed to let their imaginations go as they designed a snowman together.

Partners worked together As music wafted through the room and a rolling slide show of famous snowmen played, there was lots of crayons and glue being dispensed in order for students to get to work.

Principal Jeffrey Olender said the project was developed to promote interaction between the grade levels.

“You can make the snowman that comes to your mind,” he told the students as they got started. “I can’t wait to see your amazing snowmen.”

With that, students then descended on the piles of paper, boxes of crayons and scissors as they gathered the supplies they would need.

“It’s more organic,” Mr. Olender said of having the grades work on a project together.

“I am so excited to do something a little new at Dixson,” Mr. Oldender said of this first ever event.

Students were instructed to discuss with their partner the elements they would like to include as they compiled their character.

First grader Kaylin Howie, said her favorite part of her design was “getting to draw the little stars,” that surrounded her snowman.

One snow lady had beautiful, long eyelashes, another a long nose. Some wore hats and scarves, while others went for a bareheaded look.Boys show off their work

Lori Farrell has been working with her students on elements of winter which included information and reading about snowmen.

“It was collaborative because we got to incorporate literature into a STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, activity” Ms. Farrell said. “It’s just a fun activity.”

“I thought it was amazing,” first grade teacher Courtney Velardo said. “As a teacher we are always giving every direction. This is an opportunity for the kids to think on their own. It’s interesting to see what they are making. It is a time for them to show us what they can do.”

Students look at their work