Visitors to Grady

Posted by Alicia Smith on 1/14/2019 3:15:00 PM

Fun with new friends

Grady hosts students from Tappan Hill

When gym teachers get out the hula hoops children know they are in for a good time, and students at the Alice E. Grady Elementary School were not End of visit cheer disappointed when the brightly colored hoops made an appearance.

On this morning there was not only hoop fun, but another group of students joined them, and proved the old adage “the more the merrier.”

It was a special day at the school when Southern Westchester BOCES students from the Tappan Hill School in Tarrytown made their way to Grady in early January, joining Rachel Newman’s special needs class for a morning of fun. It was the first time the school hosted a joint class.

Following the introductions, students enjoyed a game of Musical Hoops, where they took turns walking, running, galloping and marching around the gym while music played. Each time the music stopped, there was a scramble, and lots of giggles, to find the nearest hoop and get a toe inside. The game became trickier as after each round a hoop was taken away.

After a brief break, it was time to tackle the jump rope.

Tappan students visit Grady Each end of the rope was held by a gym teacher — Drew  Watson from Grady and Diane Storm from Tappan Hill. The two made the rope squiggle on the ground as students jumped over it. They then waved the rope in the air for students to go under. The students also had an opportunity for some good old-fashioned jump roping too.

“We are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for BOCES students to visit a public school and for our students to interact with another group,” Grady teacher Rachel Newman said.

“That went great,” she said at the end of the class.

“I think this was such a perfect fit,” Adriane Lomupo, a special needs teacher from Tappan Hill School, said. “Our kids get to interact with other kids. It’s a great opportunity for them to be exposed to and practice the skills we work on. I think this is good for all of them. They feel very comfortable.”

There were four students from Tappan Hill on the visit, who joined six from Grady.

When all the fun was over, the students, their teachers and aides gathered in the center of the gym in a tight circle. They put one fist into a tight bunch before raising their arms in the air accompanied by a cheer.

“It’s always nice to make new friends,” Mr. Watson said.

“What a wonderful class,” Ms. Storm said before departing.