Chinese New Year

Posted by Alicia Smith on 2/11/2019 11:00:00 AM

Third-graders celebrate the Chinese Lunar New YearChines food

After studying China’s history, art and places of interest, Leandra Fulgione’s third-grade class enjoyed a repast of noodles, egg rolls and chicken and broccoli one afternoon.

Feb. 5 was the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year for 2019 which

corresponded perfectly with Ms. Fulgione’s unit on China. The students had learned about the country and wrote a rough draft of a persuasive piece on why people should visit there.

As a way to celebrate the holiday, also known as Spring Festival, students were treated to Chinese fare to kick off the Chinese Year of the Pig.

“We’re going to experiment with chopsticks,” Ms. Fulgione announced before her students were served.

For many, it was the first time trying to use chopsticks. They gave it a valiant effort before switching to forks and spoons. Superintendent Marc Baiocco stopped in and impressed them with his masterful chopstick skills. He showed them how to hold the utensils properly and went around the room picking up objects such as napkins and pencils from the students desks.

Student Keerthi Rajesh said she was interested to learn that during China is a dynasty and now knows all about its famous Forbidden City.

Classmate Isabelle Dowd said she enjoyed trying the noodles and one day would like to visit the Great Wall.

Students eating Throughout their study, students practiced Chinese calligraphy and learned about Chinese porcelain, including the intricate designs found on the pottery. They had an opportunity to draw their own designs on paper.

“They now have an understanding of what it means to be global citizens,” Ms. Fulgione said.

The festivities wrapped with students sitting on the classroom carpet and reading aloud their fortunes from the cookies that had come with their meal.