A beautiful day to spend time with Dad or a special friend

Posted by Alicia Smith on 9/21/2022 2:35:00 PM

The busses were there delivering children, there were cars lined up dropping children off, and a few students did the shuffle along the sidewalk. By all accounts it was a typical start to the day at school. But there was a new group in the mix: Dads and male caregivers!

Today the Elmsford Union Free School District recognized Dads Take Your Child to School Day, an annual event celebrated at the Alice E. Grady Elementary School and Carl L. Dixson Primary School. This is the fourth year the schools have hosted the event. Man walking with boy


“I love bringing them to school,” Dad Nick Quainoo said, as he walked his second-grade son, Kester, to school.


“Mmm-hmmm,” a tired Kestor noted as he nodded his head in response to whether he liked having Dad come along to start his day.


As the morning continued, Dads and caregivers helped their son or daughter with their backpacks. One Dad walked twice, first bringing his daughter to the front door at Grady before returning a few minutes later with his son. Several Dads at Dixson hung out for a few minutes before their day chatting about youth sports or enjoying the snacks that were available.


“This is just a wonderful way to celebrate our families,” Superintendent Dr. Ron Gonzalez said. “It’s such a simple way for children to spend time with their Dad or a special mentor in their lives. We appreciate all the men who came out with their son or daughter to share in a simple, but meaningful event.”


“In order to make sure all of our students are supported and adults from our community feel valued, we’ve opened the day as a F.U.N. Day to include Fathers, Uncles or Near Relatives. There is space for all representatives in Elmsford,” Dr. Gonzalez continued.


Man standing with girlThe DTYCTSD initiative began in 1996 following the Black Start Project Million Father March. In 2006, New York gave the event its current moniker and school districts throughout the state have been inviting fathers and other male caregivers to take part ever since. 


According to the website, dadstakeyourchildtoschoolday.com, “research indicates that children whose fathers take a more active role in their lives have better outcomes related to academics, behavior, and social skills.” 


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