Dixson School hosts Meet the Teacher for youngest students

Posted by Alicia Smith on 9/6/2023 1:35:00 PM

teacher smiles at student

Students walked through the entrance at Carl L. Dixson Primary School wide-eyed, often holding the hand of a parent and carrying a bag filled with supplies. Others learned their new teacher’s name for the first time or said hello to friends.

What every student had in common was the opportunity for a first look at their new home for the 2023-24 school year. The goal of the Aug. 31 Meet the Teacher event, which was held for both kindergarteners and first graders, was to give the district’s youngest students a level of comfort prior to the first day of school.

smiling student“We think it is very helpful,” said Ms. Andrea Cleveland, a math teacher at the school. “This makes them feel like they are part of the new school year already.”

Students introduced themselves to their teachers, some giving details of their family’s summer vacations. Others played with crayons, blocks or books and investigated their new rooms.

The meet-and-greet also gave teachers an opportunity to say hello to parents and to provide details on what to expect.

teachers, students and parents in classroom

“We can get everyone used to what the students are going to see,” kindergarten teacher Lori Farrell said.

The morning activities are designed to make students feel less overwhelmed once school gets under way.

“Plus,” added Farrell, “we get to laugh and color with them. That’s always fun.”