Students share talent in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted by Alicia Smith on 10/24/2023 9:00:00 AM

The afternoon of Oct. 17 was a special one for the students at Alexander Hamilton High School. In two assemblies, the entire student body gathered in the auditorium for a special celebration in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month. The event featured student performers.


They sang, recited poetry, shared original artwork and music all to support the concept of “todos somos, somos uno,” or “we are all, we are one.” Group singing


“We have a really, really special performance for you,” Principal Joseph Engelhardt told the crowd. “The students worked diligently to put on a great performance.”


With that, students took to the stage. Among them were the AHHS Chorus who sang a number from the movie “Encanto,” and even some staff got up to dance during another musical performance and on another occasion the audience clapped along in time to the music.


“I like sharing about my culture,” Senior Jada Estrada, who performed with fellow students and Band Director James Walton. The group performed “Obsesión” by the band Aventura, although they did include some original lyrics.


Jada said students had spent time over the past three weeks working on their selections in preparation for the assembly.


“I hope they come away with the realization that we are all one school with a wide variety of cultures and that we can come together,” she said of the audience.


Sophomore Nasir Lopez shared an original piece of art that he had created which was projected on a large screen for all to see. In addition, he sang along with Jada.


Nasir said he was asked to share his talents due to his outgoing personality, of which he was happy to oblige as he loves music.


“At first we were just going to do a Spanish version, but at the last minute we decided on the English version,” Nasir said. “It worked.”


The assembly was special as it was a way for the school to come together and support one another.


“I think it’s important to support any culture or fun traditions,” Nasir continued.

The event ended with a parade as several students walked across the auditorium stage with flags representing their heritage and signs.